All the taste, without the caffeine

All the taste, without the caffeine Brits are buying more brews out of home than ever before, however, many consumers are unaware of the decaffeinated varieties available from their favourite cuppa. 

With health and well-being higher on the consumer agenda than ever before, operators are under increasing pressure to provide a wide range of taste, strength and flavour options. With 50% less caffeine than coffee, tea is the perfect choice for those wanting to reduce their caffeine intake.

 Tetley Decaf provides operators with the perfect solution - offering the characteristic colour and flavour of Tetley Original Tea but with only 0.2% of the caffeine. Its delicious flavour earned the blend a Great Taste Award in 2014, having been developed for health conscious tea drinkers who are looking to cut out caffeine without compromising on flavour.

Fruit and herbal blends are growing in popularity in the UK too, having been a staple tipple in much of Europe and the Middle East for many years. Speciality teas are up 13.6% in value and 16.8% in volume, and Redbush tea, grown in Sunny South Africa, is becoming a firm favourite here too – seeing a growth of 1.1% in value and 2.5% in volume, according to AC Neilsen. Redbush in particular is perfect served alongside breakfast favourites such as pastries, toast or scrambled eggs, offering a refreshing way to kick off the day.  

In addition to traditional serving periods like mid morning and afternoon, decaffeinated blends also offers the opportunity for caterers to serve as a relaxing ‘before bed’ option - whether in a hotel, restaurant or care home, offering a comforting tea experience and a good nights sleep too.

For hints and tips on how to serve the perfect decaffeinated tea, click here! 

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