Back to School with Tetley Tea

backtoschoolSeptember sees the start of the new school term, and staff rooms and canteens across the UK will be a hive of activity as teachers and students alike grab a quick break from their studies. Away from the classroom, consumer outlets including cafes will benefit from the back to school rush, as parents take time out after the school run, and older students seek refuge between lectures.

In an expanding market, the potential for operators to profit from tea sales as the news school term starts is enormous. To appeal to a wide range of tastes and preferences, Tetley recommends stocking a range of between four and five blends of tea, including iconic Tetley Original Tea, Green Tea, Peppermint, Camomile and Decaf. Additionally younger consumers tend to have sweeter taste preferences, with fruit and herbal blends driving growth in the category, with sales up 10.4% as reported by recent Nielsen data. Green tea can also be especially profitable, with young people strong supporters of this rapidly growing market. Tetley Pure Green Tea recently won a 2015 Great Taste Award, praised for its smooth and mellow flavour, ideal during any day-part.

Studies show over half of total out-of-home tea consumption takes place at breakfast, and operators can easily take advantage of the opportunity that surrounds the most important meal of the day. Although not widely recognised as being early risers, older students will be attracted by cost-effective breakfast offers - whether it is a bacon sandwich or a nutritious chilli and avocado breakfast pot alongside a refreshing cup of Tetley Tea. Despite often living on a tight budget, a recent study showed 61 % of university students eat out at least twice a week, so there’s a great opportunity to profit from food and drink spend by upselling tea alongside food as part of a meal deal.

A recent Tetley Tea Usage and Attitudes survey report highlighted how serving a branded cup of tea has the potential to boost sales by up to 51%. By serving Tetley, the UK’s most trusted tea brand, caterers can increase confidence in their offering by reassuring customers they are being served high quality tea. Operators can also benefit from the introduction of loyalty cards, which will see parents, students and teaching staff return for a refreshing brew time and time again – these can be ordered free of charge from the Tetley Tea Academy website, so don’t miss out and order your Tetley POS today!

Put simply, serving a quality cup of tea is as easy as A.B.C. For more advice from the nations most trusted tea blend, follow us @TetleyTeaOOH

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