Cafe Life Recipes

cafe awards 2016-300x178As a sponsor of the Café Life Awards, this year Tetley supported the industry wide Great British Brunch Challenge to showcase the talents of Britain’s most inventive café chefs. The concept of brunch itself dates back over 100 years. Being a British classic, the perfect British accompaniment is of course tea. The Great British Brunch Challenge invited contestants to create a new brunch dish – sweet or savoury – or adapt a classic and match it with a Tetley tea blend of their choice. Judged by celebrity chef, Theo Randall, the Grand Finale was held at lunch!, the contemporary food to go show in September. Recipes from the five finalists can be found below, which offer operators inspiration when creating their own sensational dishes.

Tetley English Breakfast Tea

Veggie Brunch

Breakfast Tea & Veggie Brunch, served with Tetley English Breakfast Tea

Menu inspiration provided by David Koller, Café des Arts.

“This Veggie Brunch pairs perfectly with Tetley’s English Breakfast Tea blend. Creating an avocado mash is an innovative twist on the traditional brunch dish”.

Tetley Lemon & Ginger Infusion

Lemon & Ginger Tea Smoked Salmon

Lemon & Ginger Tea Smoked Salmon, served with Tetley Lemon & Ginger Infusion

Menu inspiration provided by Nathan Baker, On a Roll Sandwich Company.

“Inspiration for the recipe was to balance the fragrant Lemon and Ginger tea with a salt and sugar solution to cure the salmon with. Using a bagel and avocado in the ingredients appeals to those after the classic brunch dish, and the inclusion of the slightly oriental flavour created with chilli & sesame adds an interesting twist. These two flavours also balance well with the Lemon & Ginger blend.”

Tetley Raspberry & Pomegranate Infusion

Pure Indulgence

Pure Indulgence, served with Tetley Raspberry & Pomegranate Infusion

Menu inspiration provided by Vince Kingham, Amadeus Catering.

“Superfoods are the inspiration for the creation of Pure Indulgence. They are nutrient rich foods that are considered to be very beneficial for health and well-being. Tetley Raspberry and Pomegranate Tea is the perfect complementary beverage to the Pure Indulgence Brunch with the taste blending well with the superfoods in the dish.”

Tetley Earl Grey Tea

Stuffed Focaccia with Sausage Meat

Stuffed Focaccia with Sausage Meat, Pepper and Cheese, served with Tetley Earl Grey

Menu inspiration provided by Katarina Willingham, Lemon & Soul Cookery School.

“This is a very substantial meal on its own, it looks good and tastes lovely hot or cold. This dish works perfectly with Earl Grey and its bergamot flavour. Our butcher shop makes Italian style sausages every day hence this is the perfect stuffing for focaccia.”

Tetley Green Tea

Super Green Beans on Toast

Super Green Beans on Toast, served with Tetley Green Tea

Menu inspiration provided by David Worthington, FSC BUFC.

“Matching this healthy twist on beans on toast with green tea appeals to the growing market of health concerned people looking to eat out with friends and family without adding extra inches to their waistline.  This dish would satisfy morning gym goers looking for their mid-morning protein fix. The health properties of green tea have been well documented and its clean taste compliments the fresh sweet flavours of the herbs and legumes.”

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