Festive Flavours

Xmas 16Christmas is the biggest spending occasion of the year and an essential trading period for out of home operators. Over the festive period customers have a much more relaxed approach to their eating habits, taking the opportunity to socialise and indulge in festive treats. Tea is a beverage favoured when relaxing and socialising, so it is an essential menu item to consider during the festive period. What’s more, with the highest spend in speciality tea from the beginning of December until the New Year, customers are happier to spend more on indulgent tea’s that are considered a treat over the yuletide period

As Christmas shoppers look for an excuse to escape the cold, serving a variety of tea blends that evoke the tastes and scents of the season can create an overall festive feel that consumers know and love. Tea continues to be the second biggest beverage category out of home and is growing at +1.6% YOY behind coffee. With 4 billion cups of tea consumed out of home in the UK , there’s no better time of the year to create a profitable tea menu. Tetley’s envelope range provides the perfect array of festive flavours for any out of home operator to maximise their beverage sales, providing different flavour blends for all day parts and consumer preferences. Warming blends such an intensely fruity Raspberry and Pomegranate and a zesty warming Lemon and Ginger are the perfect addition to Christmas menus. To add aesthetic appeal to the tea, why not garnish with fresh fruit, cinnamon or star anise, creating a festive atmosphere that is sure to set your establishment apart from the competition.

Certain blends can be used in tea infusions and cocktails. Served both hot and cold, tea mocktails are a great festive menu addition. For a fruity, premium twist to classic blends, Tetley Earl Grey tea can be mixed with orange juice to create a zingy burst of flavour. For a more refreshing drink, pair Tetley Green tea with mint for an interesting take on the popular mojito. 

As the cold winter months creep in customers are looking for a hot start to their day - why not serve them a festive porridge with their early morning cuppa? By adding a mincemeat fruit topping to porridge you will be sure to get customers into the merry festive spirit.

Festive Teff Porridge (Serves 4)


• 120g jumbo porridge oats
• 40g teff grains
• 1.2 ltr skimmed milk
• 60g mincemeat topping


1) Make the porridge in a thick bottom pan with the oats, teff, cinnamon and milk.
2) Place into four bowls and top with the mincemeat fruit topping

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