• Airlines that have switched to Tetley have reported a 20+% uplift in tea sales
  • When travelling onboard planes and trains, one in every eight passengers will purchase a hot drink
  • 31% of travellers pack teabags, demonstrating strong demand for recognisable brand OOH
  • On the go tea consumption is up +5% compared to coffee -4%
  • A well-known brand is the most important factor in tea drinkers choice

Tea for Travel and Leisure

In the travel and leisure industry, consumers still expect a good cup of tea. 1 in 8 people buy a hot drink when travelling on-board planes or trains and consumers are significantly more likely to order tea if a recognized brand is being served.

On the go cup

Enjoy a cup of our refreshing Tetley tea on the go! 1 x 300 pack includes new-look Easy Squeeze non-drip tea bags, double-walled cups and sip lids for a full solution cup of tea. 100% ...

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Easy Squeeze Original

Full flavoured, smooth and refreshing
Case size: 12 x 100

Sales price: £63.48
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Fresh Seal on the Go cup

Specially developed for the travel industry, Tetley Fresh Seal On The Go cup is the fast, hassle-free, drip-free way to deliver the great taste of Tetley to onboard customers.

Sales price: £103.20
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