• Airlines that have switched to Tetley have reported a 20+% uplift in tea sales
  • When travelling onboard planes and trains, one in every eight passengers will purchase a hot drink
  • 31% of travellers pack teabags, demonstrating strong demand for recognisable brand OOH
  • On the go tea consumption is up +5% compared to coffee -4%
  • A well-known brand is the most important factor in tea drinkers choice

On the go cup

Enjoy a cup of our refreshing Tetley tea on the go! 1 x 300 pack includes new-look Easy Squeeze non-drip tea bags, double-walled cups and sip lids for a full solution cup of tea. 100% Rainforest Alliance accredited tea.
On The Go 300s
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On The Go 300s
On The Go 300s

The 300 servings pack comprises Tetley non-drip drawstring tea bags, sip lids, and branded double-walled cups, meaning paper sleeves are not required.

The much-loved flavour of Tetley Original has made it a menu must-stock. Our African and Assam tea leaves are carefully hand picked and are then cut and dried before being taste tested eight times by our expert blenders.

Containing all caterers need to serve a superior cup of tea to takeaway, Tetley On The Go simplifies sourcing.

Discover how your outlet can meet growing demand for takeaway tea here.

Black Tea

Ingredients:  100% black tea
Instructions for use:  Add boiling water to the bag and infuse for 3-5 minutes. 
Storage condition: Store in a cool, dry place away from strong flavours
Pack Size/Weight: 0.750kg
Case Dimensions: 436×249×578mm
Case Gross Weight: 8.08kg
Quantity per pallet: 16
Carton Dimension: 436 x 249 x 578

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