Fresh Seal on the Go cup

Specially developed for the travel industry, Tetley Fresh Seal On The Go cup is the fast, hassle-free, drip-free way to deliver the great taste of Tetley to onboard customers.
On The Go 300s
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On The Go 300s
On The Go 300s

1 x 240 pack includes new-look Easy Squeeze non-drip tea bags, double-walled cups and sip lids for a full solution cup of tea. Simply peel back the protective foil fresh seal, pour boiling water on to the tea bag inside, add a sip lid and serve. The tea bag inside a Tetley Fresh Seal in-cup is our One Cup tea bag; containing 100% Rainforest Alliance accredited tea, meaning onboard passengers can enjoy the original, full-flavoured, smooth and refreshing taste of Tetley.

The Tetley Fresh Seal On The Go cup has many features that similar products in the market don’t have. Double-walled functionality enables the tea to keep warm, without the cup getting too hot to hold meaning traditional paper sleeves are not required, thus minimising waste.

Black Tea

Ingredients:  100% black tea
Instructions for use:  Add boiling water to the bag and infuse for 3-5 minutes. 
Storage condition: Store in a cool, dry place away from strong flavours
Pack Size/Weight: 0.750kg
Case Dimensions: 436×249×578mm
Case Gross Weight: 8.08kg
Quantity per pallet: 16
Carton Dimension: 436 x 249 x 578

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