Tea Loaf

Tea Loaf

Tetley Earl Grey Tea

Lee says: “Tea is a key driver to increasing overall revenue, and cake is one of the most popular dishes to enjoy with good cuppa. With it’s delicate aroma and golden colouring, Earl Grey’s classic flavour is perfect paired with this peachy tea loaf, and provides a sweet treat for a true afternoon tea experience.”


(Serves 8)

  • 500g mixed fruit
  • 125g dark sugar
  • 250g flour
  • 1 egg
  • 4 Earl Grey teabags
  • 2 fresh peaches chopped
  • 0.5tsp mixed spice


  • Place the teabags in 300ml of hot water and allow to infuse
  • Remove the teabags and pour over the mixed fruit and peaches and soak for two hours
  • Add the flour, sugar, spice, peaches and egg
  • Place into a loaf tin and bake for one hour at 180℃ until cooked through
  • Allow to cool slightly
  • Turn out onto wire rack to cool
  • Serve warm with fresh butter
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