A Very English Breakfast

 Options such as English Breakfast and Irish Breakfast became popular, usually blended with Assam, Ceylon and African leaves to offer the full flavour and caffeinated wake-up call tea lovers sought.

Strangely, the history books reveal that English Breakfast tea was in fact first blended by a Scot, named Drysdale. Realising the popularity of tea in this day part, he chose to market his mix of leaves as a morning beverage, entitling it ‘Breakfast Tea’, communicating its relevance beyond the afternoon.

The success of this clever branding soon meant that it was consumed around the UK, spurred on by Queen Victoria enjoying a brew at Balmoral and even bringing a box home with her when she travelled back to England.

London tea houses then prefixed the newly fashionable blend with the title ‘English’. ‘Irish’ and ‘Highland’ blends also appeared, similar in composition, but with Highland Breakfast Tea being much stronger than its counterparts, perhaps due to softer Scottish water requiring a punchier blend, and Irish Breakfast Tea offering a taste in between the two.

The popularity of English Breakfast Tea now extends far beyond the British Isles, with some suggesting that it is the most widely consumed blend in the world. 

Nowhere is it more at home, however, than as an essential part of a traditional English breakfast. With its bold taste, Tetley English Breakfast is blended to be consumed with both milk and sugar, and providing the perfect contrast to mellow morning flavours.

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