Become a Tetley Tea Master


Tetley is excited to announce the launch of Tetley Tea Masters – the first ever UK online tea training course. Designed especially for the out of home industry, Tetley Tea Masters aims to address the biggest barriers in tea, including poor knowledge and quality of serve – two key areas of opportunity to get right in order to meet the higher than average demand for quality that hot drink consumers have.

Presented by Tetley’s Master Tea Blender Sebastian Michaelis, we share over 180 years of tea expertise throughout the free to access course. Whether you work front of house, are a tea buyer or someone in the management department, anyone at any level will find Tetley’s industry approved foundation level course insightful and easy to use. Tetley Tea Masters is also supported by the Beverage Standards Association and the Café Society, and developed in association with Paul Miekle-Janney, Managing Director of the Coffee Community and beverage industry expert.

 Tetley Tea Masters will take you on a journey from crop-to-cup, where you will learn the art of creating the perfect tea serve. Developed with CPL, the leading provider of e-learning for the UK retail hospitality sector, this education platform consists of four modules. Each module comprises of a short training video, followed by quick multiple-choice tests. If you pass every module you will receive a personalised certificate in recognition of your new Tetley Tea Masters accreditation.

Join us and start your journey to becoming a Tetley Tea Master today! Register now at  

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