Celebrating Tetley’s 180th Anniversary

Tetkey 180 2This October, Tetley, the nation’s favourite household tea brand , announces its 180th Anniversary, celebrating quality teas and many a shared moment since 1837. Consumed in million’s of homes across Britain, the brand is proud of its well-loved heritage. Today, Tetley is drunk in 9.69 million UK households and operates globally, sourcing, buying and blending the finest leaves to ensure the best quality cuppa is always served. 

From the first clipper ships that brought Tetley tea down the Thames in 1837, Tetley has grown from strength to strength. Tea has long been an iconic symbol of British heritage – ever since Joseph and Edward Tetley first founded their business. It remains the nation’s favourite hot beverage, with 3.1 billion tea occasions occurring out of home in the UK .



After returning from a trip to America, Tetley-Jones brought the very first tea bag machines to the UK


Tea bags were properly introduced into the UK market


Three decades later, Tetley was the first tea brand to launch round tea bags – ideal for brewing individual mugs of tea


Tetley were the first to create the dripless drawstring tea bag - now a favourite in Britain, the US, France, Russia and Poland


Tetley’s portfolio ranged from fruit and herbal infusions to green and speciality teas – not forgetting its classic blend teabags!

As well as innovative and exciting products, Tetley is dedicated to sharing its 180 years of expertise and insight to allow operators to explore what the Great British brew has to offer. In 2016, Tetley launched Tetley Tea Masters – the first ever UK online tea training course, created specifically for the out of home industry. In the course, Tetley’s Master Tea Blender Sebastian Michaelis takes users on a journey from crop to cup, addressing the biggest barriers in tea. Start training for free to become the next Tetley Tea Master now: www.tetleyteamasters.co.uk

Here’s to the next 180 years of Tetley – we can’t wait for what’s in store!

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