Driving sustainable growth

Becoming a renowned location is no easy task. The secret seems to lie in the quality of the beverages on offer – Allegra’s consumer panel rated this its most important factor. One of the factors which stands out above all others in achieving this is sustainability.

Allegra reports 74% of Brits value social and environmental reputation when purchasing hot beverages. Additionally, restaurant listings website, OpenTable, 71% of out of home customers are more likely to visit an establishment with an accreditation from a reputable sustainability organisation.


By sourcing products from trusted suppliers, outlets can help build this image. Tetley was one of the first tea brands to achieve Rainforest Alliance Certification, and by next year, 100% of the tea in Tetley products will be sourced from certified farms.

Tetley recognises how important this is, and as a result displays the Rainforest Alliance seal on its envelopes. From in-room refreshment in hotels, through to conference catering in the workplace, your customers will recognise the ‘frog logo’ and know they are receiving a product that has been carefully sourced. This simple device quickly communicates ethical origins to the 45% of consumers who claim provenance is a priority when dining out.

Because sustainability can be a footfall driver, sharing these messages with prospective customers can be worthwhile too. Tetley’s Farmers First Hand Facebook page connects consumers and foodservice operators directly with the people producing their tea in countries, such as Malawi and India. Sharing and interacting with these updates can reinforce your ethical credentials, demonstrating knowledge of your products, from crop to cup.

Is your outlet turning over a new leaf? Tweet us your sustainability initiatives @TetleyTeaOOH – we’d love to hear what you’re up to!

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