Festive Flavours

As the temperature dial drops and Christmas and January sales shoppers look for an excuse to escape the cold, serving a variety of blends that evoke the tastes and scents of the season will create an overall festive feel that consumers know and love. With 1 in 4 beverages consumed out of home being tea, there’s no better time of the year to create a profitable tea menu.

Customers are increasingly looking for an experience when dining out of home, which is driving demand for diversity on menus. High-street chains have seen great success with the launch of festive menus and consumers expect to see something premium on offer at this time of year. Tea purchase is growing +1.0% yoy, in comparison to coffee which is in decline -2.9%; offering operators a prosperous profit opportunity via their tea menu over the festive season. Pair this with the fact that a well known brand is the most important factor in tea drinkers choice, and can increase sales by up to 51%, Christmas and the New Year will be lucrative periods for operators offering a comprehensive seasonal offering.

Tetley has a range of blends that feature the classic fruity and spicy tastes associated with Christmas such as the redbush, cinnamon and orange flavours of Teltey Warmth and the warming flavours of Tetley Lemon and Ginger. The nature of tea lends itself to a variety of food pairing options and taste preferences, with blends to suit all consumers and festive menu perks such as a free Christmas cake or mince pie alongside a steaming cup of tea, are sure to drive footfall and consumer spend well into the New Year. Blends can also be served in-house garnished with fresh fruit, cinnamon or star anise, upgrading the overall experience. Creating this atmosphere is key to setting your establishment apart from the competition.

Stock up on a variety of warming blends and festive food pairings to satisfy your customers. Why not give our Tea loaf recipe a seasonal twist? Replace the peaches with dried cranberries and use a winter spice mix for the perfect festive treat. ”

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