New year, new you

New Year New YouNew year, new you is a common January mantra. With health and well-being higher on the consumer agenda than ever before, operators should offer customers a wide range of taste, strength and flavour options. With less caffeine than coffee, tea is the perfect choice for those wanting to reduce their caffeine intake .The human body made up of an outstanding 75% water, so a refreshing cup of tea can help to effectively hydrate the body too.

Health conscious tea drinkers are now looking for a greater selection of teas to enjoy throughout the day. As an alternative to the classic brew, they are seeking out new blends within the green, fruit and herbal categories for their flavour varieties and reduced caffeine content. Green, Fruit and Herbal blends are growing in popularity, driving annual market expansion of 8.9%, according to Nielsen. The versatility of green tea allows it to be enjoyed across different day parts with a variety of meals, and Chinese tradition has been to consume green tea more frequently in the summer for its rehydrating properties, helping to restore body fluids lost in the heat – so make sure it’s on your menu during the warmer weather too.

We have a great selection of recipe ideas that pair perfectly with our fruit and herbal blends, including a delicious low calorie Kimchi wrap. Originating in Korea, the sweet and savoury vegetable dish is an on trend lunch to go option, serve with Tetley’s new Mint Fusion blend, to cleanse the palette and refresh your tastebuds.

Brits are buying more brews out of home than ever before however many consumers are unaware of the decaffeinated varieties available from their favourite cuppa. Great Taste award winning Tetley Decaf provides operators with the perfect solution - offering the characteristic colour and flavour of Tetley Original Tea but with only 0.2% of the caffeine, having been developed for health conscious tea drinkers who are looking to cut out caffeine without compromising on flavour.

Comprising an assortment of new and improved flavour combinations, our new envelope range includes top-selling, natural and new fruit & herbal and green blends.  The new Mint Fusion is a restorative and complex blend of peppermint, spearmint and applemint leaves. Green tea is growing phenomenally well and tropical Green Tea with Mango has been added to the range following consumer research, with this flavour scoring the highest rating.  

It’s not too late to take on the health detox for 2016. If you are in need of ideas and inspiration, Tetley has the answers!

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