On The Go Opportunity

onthegoThe food to go sector has seen consistent and positive growth, accounting for 29% of out of home eating visits in Q2 2015. With consumers’ lifestyles becoming increasingly busy, operators must find ways to provide consumers with the same quality and taste they know and love, but on the move.

A cup of hot tea is one of the most popular drinks in the UK and the sales opportunity it offers spans across all day parts, with consumers enjoying tea from morning to night. There are a number of shopping missions and consumer needs that could result in the purchase of a takeaway brew, from breakfast on the move to an afternoon refreshment. Catering to these purchase opportunities is essential for those looking to capitalise on the growing on the go market.

Issues with serving hot beverages on the go are still evident, with common complaints such as fuss, drips and mess common factors dissuading customers from purchasing take-away tea. To combat this issue operators must provide hassle free quality on the go in order to draw in the crowds and increase sales.

Tetley’s On The Go range is a perfect takeaway tea choice as it’s simple, easy and cost effective, while offering the familiarity of a household brand. There really is no better way to offer customers the warming comforts of home, out-of-home. The On The Go range includes insulated branded cups, sip-lids and drawstring tea bags, offering a simple solution for quick service, and it’s proven to be a hit already as more than one million cups were sold in the first six months after the product’s launch.

A successful on the go offer starts with a good brew, serving tea to customers taste preferences but there is also the opportunity to upsell encouraging link purchases. Tetley has a variety of food paring recipes that work well as on the go options such as a Chilli and Avocado Breakfast Pot or a fruity Granola Bar.

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