Tetley Launches Industry Leading Resealable Catering Packs

Valentines DayThis April, with the launch of its new resealable catering packs, Tetley will combat common issues surrounding the quality of tea out of home, such as taste and freshness, to ensure caterers are delivering a superior tea drinking experience with the taste and quality of serve consumers expect from their beloved brew.

As a nation we are known for our love of tea and this demand for a refreshing cuppa shows no sign of slowing down, with a whopping 4billion cups now consumed out of home in the UK . When it comes to the nations’ favourite beverage, consumers are the ultimate tea baristas and know what they love. When purchasing a cup of tea out of home, they expect to receive the same quality and taste they would experience at home and Tetley’s new resealable packs will help caterers to meet this expectation.

The Right Taste – Taste is without a doubt one of the most important factors affecting a tea drinking experience. Tea is hygroscopic, absorbing smells, taints and moisture from the air. As such if the tea is not stored correctly it can impact on the taste and in worst cases cause bacterial growth. Tetley’s new catering packs feature a resealable zip to preserve the great Tetley taste and keep damaging taints at bay, keeping tea bags fresher for longer and giving caterers piece of mind that they are providing customers with a quality brew.

The Right Brand – Consumers are more likely to purchase tea out of home if it is a brand they recognise2. As the nation’s 2nd biggest tea brand3, Tetley has been embedded in British heritage since 1837 and accounts for a third of everyday black tea purchases in the UK, consumed in over 9 million households4. The resealable zip lock on the new catering pack preserves the great flavour that has made the brand so popular among UK households.

The Right Packaging – The new catering pack features premium quality packaging, including thicker material for improved robustness, handy carry handles to aid transporting the large packs and a ready-made zip for ease of storage, allowing caterers to avoid the need to decant the tea bags.

All catering packs are Rainforest Alliance Certified and caterers can find them available in six variants; Original One Cup – 1540, 1100, 440, Original Two Cup – 550, 275 and Decaffeinated – 440.

1 Kantar OOH Usage Survey 2015
2 Mintel 2015
3 Nielsen Feb 2016
4 Nielsen Feb 2016

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