The growth of the morning market

This breakfast trend has opened up the opportunity for operators to provide breakfast items to take away. This has also seen the growth of non-traditional morning options, such as fruity granola pots, salmon bagels and honey porridge are staple items, creating a premium option for this morning market. With 29% of people choosing to eat the most important meal of the day out of home at least once a week, chains such as Wetherspoons are taking advantage of this morning market.

Tea is present in 46%, or 7.6 billion, of all breakfast occasions, and this day part accounts for one third of all tea consumption. The Tetley On The Go range supports an efficient morning takeaway tea service for the busy consumer. The range features double-walled cups ensuring the tea is kept hot and the convenient sip-lids reduce spillages.

Serving tea is highly profitable for operators, but in order for consumers to pay for a beverage out of home operators need to ensure it is served well. Asking how consumers take their tea, with milk or sugar and strength are key considerations to make sure they are receiving a cup they enjoy every time.

This day part is known for being rushed and a quick fix, however it has also become an occasion that can be enjoyed as a sit down meal. This has seen the introduction of the brunch menu, which can be enjoyed until one o’clock in the afternoon. Offering foods such as Eggs Benedict or Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon creates a premium perception. Tea blends such as Tetley English Breakfast, a ‘must-stock’ blend, pairs well with these subtle flavours, opening up an opportunity for meal deals for any occasion.

For consumers opting for a caffeinated alternative, Tetley Lemon Green Tea is a light zesty option. Its citrus flavours complement breakfast goods such as marmalade on toast, and provide a zingy wake-up call. Or for a fruity lift, Tetley Summer Berry flavours pairs well with American Pancakes.

It’s clear the breakfast market is booming, despite the recession. Offering a range of food items for the quick fix and for the occasion, as well a variety of blends give operators the opportunity to maximise on this ever-growing business.

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