The Truth Behind Green Tea


Discovery of this ancient blend has sparked a range of new trends. Green tea has proven so popular out of home that many chefs now cook with it, as the bitter taste lends itself to a variety of flavour profiles. Popular recipes include tea infused chocolate brownies, ice cream, cheesecake and many more.

Consumers’ increasingly exploratory tastes are driving green tea demand. In addition to cooking with green tea, operators can cater to this desire by pairing green tea with their existing food menu. There is a great mix of dishes to complement each blend of tea. The subtle tastes of seafood or chicken make the perfect match for an original brew, yet the smokiness of stronger blends pairs well with deeper flavours such as root vegetables. Interestingly, foods that are usually matched with a white wine will pair well with a green tea.

The versatility of green tea allows it to be enjoyed across different day parts with a variety of meals, however Chinese tradition has been to consume green tea more frequently in the summer for its rehydrating properties to restore body fluids lost in the heat – so make sure it’s on your menu during the warmer weather.

The expansion of this blend shows no sign of slowing down therefore operators should look to match green tea flavours and aromas to offer a taste experience for your consumers. During breakfast, afternoon tea or dinner service, your green tea offer can drive footfall and revenue. 

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